Sunday, June 3, 2007

Prayer: Surpassing Everything

Ah, Lord God, may I ever be enthralled with Your love for me, and choose to hold dear the secret friendship You grant to those who fear You. You, Lord God Almighty, know every detail of my life and extend to me an amazing intimacy by meeting me in the details. Thank You for being a personal, individual, intimate God. May Your lamp shine over my head; by Your light I trust that I can walk through darkness. This relationship, this partnership, is not for my sake nor for my personal blessing, but for the sake of Your Holy Name. Sprinkle clean water upon me, cleanse me from all uncleanness and from all heart idols. Put a new heart within me, and grant me a new, true spirit; take out the heart of stone and give a heart of flesh, O God. Make me to follow Your statutes and be careful to observe Your ordinances so I may experience true, abundant life and be known as a servant of the Most High. Rebuild the ruined places and replant that which was desolate. You, O Lord, have spoken; do that which You have planned. Fear of the Lord surpasses everything, to whom can we compare the one who has it? (Psalm 25.14; Job 29.2-5; Ezekiel 36; Sirach 25.11)

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