Monday, June 25, 2007

Prayer: Fires of Sorrow

Sorrow and difficulty will come. . .

Selfishly I find myself praying the fires of sorrow would be prevented in my own heart and life. . .

Ask instead that the self I created you to be would emerge from the fire.

What shall I say? Father, save me from this hour? Or like Christ, realize that. . . for this cause I came unto this hour.

Feel awe; feel the desire to worship Me, to glorify my Name.

O God, You do see and make note of the trouble and grief, that You may take it into Your hands. I commit myself into Your merciful hands, O God.

In all, give thanks to the Most High; proclaim my glory, sing praise with all your heart.

O Lord, I look to You alone. May I love You with my whole heart, O Lord, My Maker, My Redeemer, My Friend. Amen

(John 12.27-28; Zechariah 4.10; Psalm 10.14; Sirach 47.8; Matthew 17.8)

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