Friday, June 22, 2007

The Coin in Which You Pay

Life serves back in the coin you pay. One who criticizes another is guilty of the same thing.

May I learn to watch and listen and find my center in You. In You I take refuge from all my pursuers. Deliver me, O Lord. Make me as bold as a lion.

Go forward fearlessly. Remember the children of Israel when they were faced with the Red Sea; I will guide you safely through.

Ah, Lord God, may I walk with You, trusting You to show the way through the waves of the tempest.

Even if you doubt, do not fear. I will pull you from the waters of adversity, even as I did Peter.

O Lord, may I be found faithful. Amen

(Matthew 7.2; Proverbs 28.1; Genesis 6.9; Psalm 7.1; Sirach 44.20; Matthew 14.31)

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