Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Prayer: A Holy Watcher in the Heavens

Grant, O God, a listening ear. Attune my heart, my spirit, my ear to Your still small voice. Very quietly do You speak, O God. May I choose to listen to Your tender voice and shut out the loud, clammering voices of the world. May I learn to say things only after listening to You instead of saying things and then backing up to try and make Your Word fit in.

I confess that so little is held in awe or in reverence today; so little is known of holiness, splendor, glory. We no longer have a concept of a Holy Watcher in the Heavens. Open my heart and mind to Your Word and Your ways. May I know with a deep and abiding sense that You know my ways and number all my steps. May the knowledge and understanding of Your majesty be opened up to me, O God. Display Your greatness and Your holiness.

Shake me as a sieve and remove all my refuse. Fire me in the Potter's kiln to strengthen and temper me for Your work. O Master Gardener, cultivate this vine that You have planted so I may bear fruit pleasing to You. May this bride make herself ready for You who are Faithful and True. Grant an inner vision, one that chooses very deliberately to see Your glory and majesty and holiness. May my speech reflect the cultivation of my heart and mind by my Master, whose Name is called The Word of God. Amen (Hebrews 13.5-6; 1 Kings 19.12; Job 31.4,23; Ezekiel 38.20, 23; Sirach 27.4-6; Revelation 19.7,11,13)

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