Sunday, June 17, 2007

Prayer: I Desire Mercy

Only My Holy Spirit is able to show what is wrong without hurting and wounding. It is impossible to enter into communion with Me when you are in a critical temper.

Breathe Your Divine Breath on me; create order out of chaos; create life, O God, by Your intrusive Word.

My generative activity precedes any new day.

Early do I seek You, O Lord. Let Your new day dawn. Pardon my sins and fill me with Your spirit of understanding and wisdom. Direct my counsel and knowledge as I meditate on Your Word.

Take heart! Your sins are forgiven.

Have mercy on us, O Son of David.

I desire mercy. . .have compassion. . .many today are harrassed and helpless, like sheep without a Shepherd.

O Lord of the Harvest, the fields are indeed white. Many today are harrassed and helpless. Send forth laborers, O Merciful God. Amen (Genesis 1; Sirach 39.5-7; Matthew 9)

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