Saturday, July 28, 2007

Prayer: Sufficient Attention to the Present

You do not pay sufficient attention to the immediate present.

Lord God, be merciful to me now in this moment. I acknowledge You as Sovereign, O God. May I be present and see You in all.

Come into My Presence.

My soul thirsts for You, O my God; for You alone are the Living Lord. I have been disquieted and cast down. I put my hope in You.

All your past, your present, your future are in my hands.

O Lord, all my ways belong to You.

You may weep for a time, but I will restore laughter to you.

You, O God, are great and greatly to be praised. I will sing of Your love forever.

(Genesis 43.14; Psalm 42.2,5; Daniel 5.23; Luke 6.21; Luke 6.38)

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