Friday, July 6, 2007

Prayer: The Parched Ground

The parched ground shall become a pool.

O Lord, fill my parched soul and spirit with Your Living Water.

Your vision will be so -- have patience.

O Lord, You are my Glorious Source, my Supply.

I will grant you your heart's desire. I will not withhold the request of your lips.

The sins I have committed are more in number than the sand of the sea; my transgressions are multiplied, O Lord; they are multiplied! I am not worthy to look up and see the height of heaven because of my iniquities. I am weighted down with many an iron fetter. . . You, O Lord, are the God of those who repent, and in me you will manifest Your goodness; for, unworthy as I am, You will save me according to Your great mercy, and I will praise You continually all the days of my life.

(Isaiah 35.7; Psalm 21.2; Prayer of Manasseh 9-10, 13-15)

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