Saturday, July 14, 2007

Prayer: All Things In Thee to See

Do you realize it is My honor that is at stake as you go out into the world?

May I be more concerned about Your honor than I am my own, O Lord.

See My hand in all things. . .

Teach me, My God and King, all things in Thee to see, and what I do in anything, to do it all for Thee.

See My hand in all the happenings and keepings of the day.

Blessed are You, O Lord. How often am I shown Your love and power and mercy, but I miss it altogether? Forgive me, O Lord, for lack of vision.

Remember. . .

Ah, Lord God, I do remember and call to mind all the times You have worked miracles on my behalf, or on behalf of those for whom I have prayed. Great are You, Lord God Almighty.

Look intently, let yourself see everything clearly. Look and call to remembrance.

O Lord, may I lose my life for Your sake and for the sake of the gospel. Grant, I pray, clear vision.

(Tobit 8.16; Mark 8.12, 18, 25, 34-37)

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