Monday, July 2, 2007

Prayer: Blaze & Glow with Devotion

Become as little children -- full of joy in life, every ready to laugh, uncritical, having no fear, friendly and loving towards all.

May a be a little child of Your Kingdom.

Be filled with My Spirit.

May Your Holy Spirit take my nerves, my whole personality, and make me blaze and glow with devotion to Your Son, Jesus Christ.

Remember from whence you have come and where you are going.

Ah, Lord God, I put my hand in Yours and gladly walk with You. Fill my heart with remembrances of You. Fill my mouth with Your praises.

Let not your heart grow cold.

Place the fear of You within my heart so I will constantly call upon Your Name.

(Psalm 17.2; Baruch 3.1-7; Matthew 24.12,39)

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