Thursday, July 19, 2007

Prayer: Heart & Soul

Follow in all things My Guidance.

You, O Lord, are my Shepherd. I shall want for nothing.

Seek Me and I will answer you. I will deliver you from all your fears.

I look to You, Lord God. Make my face radiant with Your glory. Lord God Almighty, I cry to you to deliver me from all my troubles.

I send my angels to encamp around you and to delier you. O taste and see that I am good. Happy are those who take refuge in Me.

Draw near, O God, draw near. My heart is broken and my spirit is crushed.

You may be afflicted, but only for a moment. I will once again shower My mercy upon you.

I turn to You with all my heart and soul. I bless You, O Lord of Righteousness. I exalt You, O King of Ages.

Look to Me. I am very near; see, I am standing at the very gate.

(Psalm 23.1; Psalm 34.4-8, 18; Tobit 13.5-6; Mark 13.29)

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