Thursday, April 26, 2007

Prayer: Vast as the Sea is the Ruin of Many

Lord Jesus Christ, may I ever be aware that I can of my own self do nothing. May I learn to stop all work, everything, and rest before You until I am joyful and strong again, ready to do Your good work at Your command.

Vast as the sea is the ruin of many who have followed false and deceptive visions. May I be one who is taught and lead by You and Your Word, breaking with those traditions that misrepresent You. I set my desire to know You and to hear Your Word, for You say that the desire for wisdom leads to a Kingdom. May I step into Your Kingdom and be content with what I have, not neglecting to do good, and willingly share all I have. Fill me with the grace of hospitality that comes from You. Make me complete in everything good so I may do Your will and allow You to work out that which is pleasing in Your sight through Jesus Christ my Lord. May all glory and praise be Yours, my God and King. Amen (John 15.30; Nehemiah 13.14; Lamentations 2.13-14; Wisdom of Solomon 6.10; 11; Wisdom of Solomon 6.20; Hebrews 13. 2, 16, 20-21)

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