Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Prayer: O, Wounded Healer

...that the body of sin might be destroyed...I must confess that I am much more comfortable with trying to curb sin, or suppress it, or maybe even counteract it. But, consider myself dead to sin? Now that is a foreign concept to me. I choose to not only listen to this Word, but to hear it, O Lord. Pride has stood as a sentinel at my heart's door far too long, claiming I can deal with it myself. When I allow this to happen, I shut You out, O lowly, humble Christ. I humble myself before You, O Wounded Healer, and ask You to enter in...I am crucified with Christ.

You taught us that it is not wise to gain the whole world and yet lose our own soul. May I train myself to look first to the health of my own soul. May I not only profess to know You, but may my life demonstrate that I truly am my Beloved's. Amen (Romans 6.6; 4 Maccabees 9; Titus 1.16)

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