Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Prayer: Living Word

Lord Jesus Christ, You are the Living Word. May I maintain my relationship with You very purposefully, very diligently by remaining in Your Word and allowing Your Word free reign in my heart and life. May I constantly reference my experiences to You, developing an increasing awareness of Your work in my daily happenings, tracing all back to Your loving forethought. Fill me with wonder, certitude, gratitude, and joy at how Your Word connects me and my life to You. May I become ever aware that all my words, aspirations and deeds bear witness to others of "something" -- may that "something" be You. May Christ so take shape within me that You take shape for others through me -- a living, bright Reality. May my ear be ever ready to hear Your voice and may my heart remain soft to receive Your living, dynamic truth. Amen (John 8.31-32; 4 Maccabees 16.16; Hebrews 4.7,12)

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