Friday, April 13, 2007

Prayer: The Spirit of Prayer

Ah, Father God, sometimes I get prayer requests and I simply do not know how to pray. Thank You that Your Holy Spirit knows how to read what is on my heart and then perfectly interprets that to You. I pray for this young family who is in seminary in Durham, UK, who just learned that their son, Carl, who is seven years old, has leukemia. Thank You that they were immediately referred to a specialist. Thank You that Carl is receiving the chemotherapy that he needs. Be Dean's and Darlene's comfort and strength as they manage hospital trips, their two other children's needs, the home, and schooling. May the seminary community surround them and demonstrate very visibly Your great love to them. Thank You for reminding me that we can cast our burden's upon You. May Your hand be gracious upon them and upon all in the seminary community. We pray for Dean's and Darlene's family in Sasketchewan, Canada, who are so far away and who feel so helpless. May they hear the seminary "family" is being their hands and heart to their beloved children and grandchildren and be comforted.

Ah, Lord God, may I so live in the Spirit of prayer that I instantly hold in prayer all whom I meet (or simply hear about). May I see Your image in each person and honor them, welcome them and reflect Your love to them. May I learn to not only be gracious, but to also refresh the hearts of others. Most of all, may I depend upon Your Spirit to lead me in prayer. Grant me "Spirit ears" so I may hear Your call and instantly respond in loving prayer language. Amen. (Psalm 55.22; Ezra 8.22; Philemon 7)

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