Friday, May 25, 2007

Prayer: Transforming Natural to Spiritual

Ah, Lord God, Your Spirit reminds me of David and how he longed for the waters of Jerusalem, so two of his mighty men broke through the enemy lines and brought back a jug of water, driven by their great love for David...and he poured it out as a drink offering to You. I am reminded, too, of Abram allowing Lot to choose the best land when there was strife between them. I confess that I've never quite understood what was happening in these instances -- was it the relinquishment of rights? or allowing You, O Sovereign God, to choose the future on their behalf? or was it surrendering the good to allow You to grace them with the best? May I be granted the faith, the grace, the spiritual sight to trust You to take my natural circumstances and transform them into something spiritual, something eternal, even when I cannot see what that may be.

May I listen to the inner urge of Life within, without knowing the results; much the same way the crocus or the snow drop wakens to the inner urge of Life within compelling it to push through the cold, hard winter ground with no assurance of sunshine or warmth. Yet, oh how it brings joy and gladness to those who see the blossom unfold! I trust that You, O Lord, arranged Your works in an eternal order. I choose to bow to Your purposes and Your timing. Take my prayers that spring from the natural circumstances in my life, mix them with incense and fire from Your alter and send them forth to create cataclysmic change on earth -- not just in my heart and life, but in others, as well. Amen (Matthew 17.20; Sirach 16.27-27; Revelation 8.4-5)

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