Sunday, May 6, 2007

Prayer: All Anxiety, All Care

Lord God Almighty, to You be power and praise forever and ever! It is Your Word, O Lord that encourages and sustains me. I place my trust in You, for You are my Blessed Hope. I cast all my cares, all my anxieties, on You. I discipline my thoughts through Your Spirit's gentle leading in the reading of Your Word.

May I rise before the sun, and the bustle of the day, to give You praise. I pray to You at the dawning of the light, when it is still still. Keep me, O Spirit, from falling into a deep forgetfulness of all Your lovingkindness. May I not be unresponsive to Your workings in my life, O God all all grace. Restore support, strengthen and establish me for Your good work. Amen (Wisdom of Solomon 16; 11,12, 26, 28; I Peter 5)

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