Friday, May 18, 2007

Prayer: Consider the Lilies

O Lord, I so love it when a verse so "fits" what I am presently involved in and I can make immediate application of Your Word. I'm working at the Master Gardener's plant sale doing the labeling and pricing of plants that are brought in. It is something to "consider" what kind of care these plants received before they came in; everything from pampered greenhouse treatment with heating mats, to near total neglect...and yet they grow! Lord Jesus, instead of me worrying about my spiritual growth, I am reminded to simply grow and remain dependent upon my Master Gardener to supply all I need. You came so that I might have abundant life now. I choose to abide in You and live simply, revitalized, renewed. May my glory be based on my fear / awe of You, my Lord and my God. You loved me, You freed me from sin, and You called me to serve You as a Kingdom priest. May I choose to take hold of this life now. Amen (Matthew 6.28; John 10.10; Sirach 9.16; Revelation 1.3,16)

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