Monday, May 21, 2007

Prayer: Dominating Concentration

Ah, Lord God, may my relationship to You be the dominating concentration of my life. I seek Your Kingdom and Your righteousness as the first priority. For far too long, I have let the cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches, and the lust of other things come in and choke out Your Word in my life, and as a result I have not borne the fruit I should have borne. Forgive me, O Lord. I bring all my cares to you -- my children, my grandchildren, my health, my security, my home, all my relationships. You have not dealt with me according to what my neglect and sinfulness deserve, but You have been patient, merciful and gracious unto me. I praise You, O Lord, for Your loving kindness. You, O Lord, are worthy to receive glory, honor and power, for You created all things and by Your will they exist; I confess that this Truth applies even to those things which I do not presently understand. Amen (Matthew 6.33; Mark 4.19; Ezekiel 22.14; Rev. 4.11)

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