Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Prayer: Even When I Cannot See

Ah, Lord God, may I learn to lead my life in faith, even when I cannot see You or Your hand working in my life. May I be faithful to wake and eat Your Words, to take nourishment from them, to allow them to inform my thoughts and my sight. Your ways are not my ways, O Lord, nor are Your thoughts my thoughts. May Your Word be the lens through which I view all that transpires around me. May I leave You out of nothing. In all things may I grant You preeminence. May I know that all is well, for You, O Lord God Almighty, arrange things by measure, number and weight. . . but You are merciful to all, for You can do all things and bring about repentance. Strengthen my heart, O Lord, and grant me patience as I wait on You. Teach me, O God to pray effectively and fervently. Amen (2 Corinthians 5.7; Isaiah 55.9; Ezekiel 2.7-8; Wisdom of Solomon 11.20,23, James 5.16)

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