Thursday, May 17, 2007

Prayer: Mercy that Leads to Eternal Life

Lord Jesus Christ, I thank You that Your Cross is the door by which we enter into the life of God. I bless You for Your Resurrection which gives You the right to grant us eternal life. I give praise for Your Ascension, which took You to heaven and allows You to keep the door open for humanity. In the recognition and wonder of these truths, I cast away all transgressions that I have committed against God and ask You to grant me a new heart and a new spirit so that I might truly live. May I build myself up in this most holy faith, learn to pray by Your Spirit and keep myself in the love of God. O Lord Jesus, thank You for Your mercy that leads to eternal life. Amen (Job 11.6; Ezekiel 18.31-31; Jude 20-21)

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the blackwells said...

I recognize that picture! :)