Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Prayer: Meager Prayers

Ah, Lord God, would that I could master praying without ceasing. I confess that I do so often become weary in prayer. When one day I am allowed to see how marvelously my prayers have been answered, I am sure that I will deeply, so deeply, regret that I have prayed so meagerly.

O Lord God Almighty, You have granted me life and steadfast love. Your care, O gracious One, has preserved my spirit. Plant me, O God, on the mountain height in order that I may produce boughs, bear fruit and become a noble cedar, offering shade, shelter and food to every creature You send. I willingly lavish Your grace on others. May I not grow weary when in prayer nor neglect the giving of alms. Bless me, O God, with a lasting heritage so I may joy in hearing my children walk in Your truth. Amen (Job 10.12; Ezekiel 17.23; Sirach 7.10; 3 John 4)

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