Saturday, May 26, 2007

Prayer: That Our Joy May Be Full

Ah, Lord God, You tell me to pray without ceasing, to not lose hope, to not grow weary nor fainthearted regarding all Your promises, to ask in Your Name.
Precious Redeemer, Gentle Shepherd, Lord God Almighty, I claim Your Word and Your promises for Shadrach and his future. I ask that I may live to see Your truths manifested in his life:
  • You have his name written on the palm of Your hand;

  • You uphold him with Your mighty right hand;

  • You will not let the evil one snatch him out of Your hand;

  • You, O Father God, will never forsake him;

  • You will draw him with cords of love and teach him to walk after You;

  • You will raise him up on eagle's wings;

  • You will leave the other sheep who are in the fold and go after this one, searching until You find him, and then will bring him home with rejoicing;

  • You will lift the yoke from his neck;

  • You will encourage him when he is losing hope;

  • You will grant him a return;

  • You will walk with him through the fire and he will not be burned -- he will be delivered!

I ask all these promises be fulfilled in Jesus Christ's precious name, that I might receive them and that my joy would be full. Amen (1 Thessalonians 5.17; John 16.24; Sirach 17.24)

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