Sunday, May 20, 2007

Prayer: A Brave & Trusting Heart

Lord God may I learn what it is to "possess my soul". O Lord, grant strength and courage to be patient, to wait upon You and Your timing. Grant a brave and trusting heart even in the midst of difficult circumstances. I look to You for consolation. I quiet myself and listen for Your Spirit's still small voice. May Your Word flood my soul. In times of distressing news, may I moan with a breaking heart and bitter grief rather than give way to anger. Fill me with Your wisdom, understanding, knowledge and grace. Let Your love flow through me. Set before me an open which cannot be shut...even when I have but little strength may I intercede with a heart that is in complete harmony with You, my God. Grant strength to keep Your Word and to glorify Your name. Amen (Luke 21.19; Joshua 1.7; Job 15.11-12; Ezekiel 21.6-7; Sirach 11.15; Rev. 3.8)

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