Monday, March 19, 2007

Prayer: Spirit Reminders

Lord God, You are leading me in a way I know not; continue to separate me unto Yourself and intrude upon my spirit as You see fit. Fill me, O God, with Your Spirit and allow me to take on the mind of Christ. Move me into an every more personal relationship with You; draw me to Your side. May I lead a life of simplicity, clarity and unity with You. I move into a confident trust in You and Your purposes and power. I place all my confidence in You and take Your view of the world -- unswayed by the power and arrogance of earthly leaders.

So many times this week You have brought Zimbabwe to mind -- not just by news stories and Internet alerts, but by constant intrusions into whatever I am doing -- drawing me toward a particular sculpture in a garden at the Sitka Center for Art & Ecology which was created by a Zimbabwean artist; drawing my attention to a marimba group whose music is influenced by musical traditions of Zimbabwe. I begin to understand that You are directing my intercession for a people in great need of prayer. Help me see these "coincidences" for what they really are, O Lord, Spirit reminders to pray and intercede on every occasion for the plight of the people of Zimbabwe. May I not be remiss by ceasing to pray for those whom You call to mind; may I faithfully unite with their spirits in prayer and lift them up before Your throne.

I implore You, O Lord, to look upon these people who are sorely oppressed. Have pity, O Lord, and have mercy upon this nation that has been destroyed and is about to be leveled to the ground. Those in power are arrogant and filled with impunity thinking no One sees and no One cares. They continue to oppress the poor with abandon and acts of daring even in the midst of public outcry. May Your people put their trust in You, the Almighty, and may they encourage one another by calling to remembrance Your faithful rescue of Your people in ages past. O Lord, hearken to the blood of Your saints which now cries out from the ground; remember the lawless destruction of Your innocents; remember the blasphemies uttered against Your people and Your Name. Show, O Holy One, Your hatred of evil. Strengthen Your people, O God. May they encourage one another during these difficult times to set their eyes on You, their Rock and their Refuge, their Ever Present Help in times of trouble. Amen (Hebrews 11.8; Psalm 20.7; Jeremiah 15.16, 19; 2 Maccabees 8.2-4; 18; Philippians 4.13)

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