Friday, March 16, 2007

Prayer: In Returning & Rest

Ah, Lord God, I confess that I am exhausted and in great pain. I come to You and sit quietly before You; in returning and rest is my salvation. I draw near to You in spirit. I choose to shut out the distractions of the world. Be my life, O Lord; the very breath of my soul. I move inward to quiet myself and meditate on Your Word. I ponder, not to draw my own conclusions, but to absorb Yours. May I not only hear You, O Lord; may I choose to reflect You.

O Lord there is no difference for You between healing the mighty and the weak. Help us, O Lord, our God for we rely on You...
May I choose not to tire myself out by those things which profit nothing. Continue to narrow my world as You see fit until my focus is You. I put my trust in You, for I am confident in this, that You who began this good work in me are faithful to complete it. Blessed be God, the Source of my Strength, the Lifter of my head! Amen (Isaiah 30.15; 2 Chronicles 14.11; Jeremiah 12.13; Philippians 1.6)

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Hailey & Vivien said...

It's almost 9pm and i'm exhausted. This prayer was just what I needed to feel uplifted and to return my focus to the Lord. Thanks A.S.