Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Prayer: The Name for All Generations

My order comes in the moments. Are you always in contact with Me? Do you recognize Me as the Reality in the midst of your moments?

May I, like Christ, realize I must be in my Father's house; You in me and I in You.

YHWH. . .This is My Name forever and this is My title for all generations.

Like Moses, may I realize I am standing on holy ground and choose to turn aside and look at this amazing, great sight.

I am the One who creates and sustains the world and acts powerfully in it with loving purpose.

May I trust Your loving purpose, and trust in Your steadfast love forever. May I be planted like a green olive tree in the house of God. In the presence of the faithful I will proclaim Your Name, YHWH, for it is good.

Come in awe to Me and to My goodness.

Faithfully I come, O YHWH. May I continue to be found faithful.

(Luke 2.49; Exodus 3.3; Psalm 52.8,9; Hosea 3.5; Luke 16.10)

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