Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Prayer: The Kingdom of God Within

What was true fo the Virgin Birth in the historic introduction of My Son into the world is true in every believer. The Son of God is born into you by the direct act of God. So the question is: if the Son of God is born into your mortal flesh, is His Holy innocence and simpicity and oneness with Me getting a chance to manifest itself in you?

May Your Kingdom be born anew in me, O Lover of my Soul.

You must live face-to-face with Me. Depend on Me moment by moment.

Fill me with knowledge of You. I thirst after Your righteousness. I long for You, O God.

What is that in your hand? . . .Throw it down!

I throw down my self-sufficiency. In You, O God, do I place my trust. Let Your Kingdom come, O God. Start with me.

(Exodus 4.2-3; Psalm 53.2; Hosea 4.1-6; Luke 16.20-21)

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