Monday, December 31, 2012

Judean Wilderness, Jericho, and the Jordan River

Our assignment in the Judean Wilderness was to think about our identity in Christ, and then realize that Satan comes to challenge that identity. So, for our time in the Wilderness we were to focus on whatever is in our lives that challenge our true identity in Christ.  In Christ I am:  His daughter; deeply loved; He delights over me; He rejoices over me with singing (Zephaniah 3).  Wilderness Where Christ was tempted:    


 Our Wilderness Experience 
We went off by ourselves for a time and contemplated our identity in Christ

Plant Life in Wilderness

 Old Testament Jericho is the "Tel" in the middle of the picture.  
Interesting that there is nothing built on it...just as the Bible prophesied. 
It was only 8 acres in circumference! 

Bedouin Coffee Shop 
on the Jericho Road.  
Loved the big coffee pot sculpture in the front yard; though the sign was a bit worn.  
"Valley of the Shadow of Death"
Off to the right side of the Jericho Road
Where robbers and thieves would hide to take advantage 
of unsuspecting travelers on the road.   

Sycamore tree on the side of the Jericho Road 

 Actual Roman road that Jesus and disciples would have walked on

Remains of the Hippodrome on the Left

Remains of a Shepherd's Hut

 Dirt Mound is all that is left of Herod the Great's Winter Palace 

After the Jericho Road...
We traveled to the Jordan River 

Dipping My Hand in the Muddy Jordan River

 Looking Across to the Jordanian Side

 Bonnie, Sally, Grace, Glenda, Karen, Jeff and JoAnn

Jordanian Guards

Israeli Guards on the Israeli side of Jordan

Dr. Jim Martin had an interesting thesis on Jesus' Baptism:  It was Christ's Ordination into Ministry.  John the Baptist is the prophet after the likes of Elijah; God's voice is heard, "You are My Beloved; in You I am well-pleased; and the Spirit of God descends in the form of a dove.  Jesus was 30 years old and that was the age of authority in Jewish society.    

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