Monday, December 31, 2012

Jesus Boat Exhibit; Crossing the Sea of Galilee

Pictures were not allowed at the Jesus Boat Exhibit, 
so have pulled one from the archaeologists involved 
in the discovery and recovery of the boat.  

There was a three year drought on the Sea of Galilee.  A couple of bothers who were fishermen and lay archaeologists were convinced that they would find something significant off shore.  One day they discovered some nails, and upon digging through the mud, found the remains of a first century boat.  Other archaeologists were brought in and the boat was rescued and a museum has been set up telling the story.  

Key Learning 

There are only eight people who can fit in one of these boats.  The person in the stern would be the one responsible for the rudder.  When the disciples yelled at Jesus, they are upset because He had "fallen asleep on the job" and they are about to drown.  Mark 4:36 states, "The disciples got in boats"...there was not enough room in one boat for all 12.

Boardwalk leading from the Jesus Boat Exhibit to the Dock 
Joint Venture of Palestinian and Jewish Students 

Carved Stones Along the Walkway 

Ship We Passed; 
Similar to the One We Were On

  Bruce and Michael Card

Dr. James C. Martin

Crossing the Sea of Galilee 

 Our Ship

Ron Davis & Karen

Wind and Sea Began to Pick Up
As  We Crossed; 

A windstorm from the east is called a "Sharkia" and usually occurs 
from November to March 

JoAnn and Jeff Attempting to Take an Action Shot of the Group during the Wind Picking Up

 Sunset on Sea of Galilee 

Fishermen on Sea of Galilee

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