Friday, December 28, 2012

Garden Tomb

Caught up with the group late afternoon on the first day...not bad!  Ron Davis, owner of Harvest Productions, the group responsible for the tour, met me at the airport in Tel Aviv, and we took a taxi to Jerusalem.  We then walked from the hotel to the Garden Tomb (about a ten minute walk) and met up with the group. 

Place of the Skull 

Garden Tomb
Plaque in the Garden

It was a beautiful Garden with lots of paths, fountains, and meditation spots along the way.  There were also two small chapels and we were able to have a brief worship service 
in one of them. 


Charles, from Nottingham, England, gave us a tour of the garden and the tomb.  He was passionate about this being the location of the most "foundation event in Christian history".  He had first experienced this Garden Tomb 23 years earlier, and then when he retired, he contacted the group and became a guide.  He works for them about six weeks a year leading tours of the Garden Tomb.  The rest of the time he serves in his church in Nottingham, England.  

Lecturing on Golgotha

We then returned to the hotel, met for dinner, and then the group had their de-brief session of the day's events and a preview of what would be toured the next day.  

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