Monday, December 31, 2012

Ein Gev -- "The Other Side"


Can you tell the 31st was a "packed" day? I had to break it up into three distinct sections 
in order for it to make sense.  We arose very early and had to have all of our luggage down at the bus by 7:00am, breakfast at 7:15 and then a physically challenging, long day.
The boat ride across the Sea of Galilee was quite restful, and then we were rewarded with this beautiful sunset.  A "sharkia" blew in, however; and the wind actually shrieked through the palm fronds.  I could imagine that same "shrieking" sound greeting the disciples of Christ 
after their storm-tossed trip on the Sea of Galilee.  They really would have thought that they were on "the other side"! 

I have to say that the time in Ein Gev was one of my favorite parts of the trip.  It was out of the hustle and bustle of Jerusalem.  It was in the rolling hills, along the sea, beautiful, green, we drove in to Ein Gev there were fields of banana trees, fig trees, date palms, etc.  

Sunset at Ein Gev Kibbutz 

Kamal Tubas, Our Palestinian Christian Bus Driver 
 Michael Card Leading the Evening Session -- Frank and Holly Benyousky

Dalmanutha Across the Sea of Galilee from Ein Gev

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