Sunday, December 30, 2012

Jesus in Jerusalem

Thought for the Day:  
As we stand amidst the Old Orthodoxy
remember that we are here to seek the New Reality:  
"I once was blind, but now I see."

 Continuing archaeological excavations at the Temple Mount
Entrance to Temple Mount
Courtyard inside Temple wall
Mezuzah at Temple Entrance

Huldah Gates -- sealed up by the Romans 

 Seam in Wall from Solomon's and Herod's Time 

 Ascent of David -- 13 Acres 
Leading to Temple Mount

 Temple Mount Security Checkpoint 
Controlled by Muslims 
We were warned not to wear any Christian or Jewish Symbols; 
to make sure we had our arms and legs covered; 
not sing, laugh, etc., or we would be escorted out.
Friend JoAnne had an olive wood cross confiscated by an angry guard.   

Dome of the Rock
Third Holiest Site for Muslims 
Built on the site of the Temple after the 
Temple was destroyed in 70AD

Al-Aqsa Mosque 

Court of the Gentiles 

 Standing in the Court of the Women 

 St. Anne's Basilica
St. Anne was the mother of Mary 

 Statue of St. Anne and Mary as a Girl 

Walking path to pool of Bethsaida

  Pool of Bethsaida 
Where the man had lain for so many years;  
it would have taken great faith to jump into water that deep 
and believe that you would be healed!

Triumphal Entry Route 
marked by cypress trees

Lion's Gate:  
One of the Gates into Old Jerusalem Quarter

 Michael Card in Fortress Antonia
 Roman Guards Incised Stones with Games

 Mosiac of Christ on Via Dolorosa

 Via Dolorosa
 Prayers placed in Western Wall
 At the Western Wall for Prayer
 Dove in Niche above Western Wall 
Flew in as I placed my forehead and left hand on the wall to pray
Cooed the entire time I was praying for Community Presbyterian Church!  
 Church of the Upper Room
 Column in the Church of the Upper Room 
 Statue of King David and Harp
Church of the Upper Room 

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