Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Prayer Poem: Come...Make All Things New

Waiting patiently

Delighting myself in You

My heart's one Desire

Is to be holy

Exalted from the earth's dust

Reflecting Your Light

Psalm 37.4-7; Revelation 21.5


Karla said...

Thank you Sue, for your devotionals! And for allowing us to read them and see the beautiful pictures too! Thank you. I am very thankful to see that God is still using you! I miss you.
May God continue to bless you richly.
"I always thank my God for you!"
Love in Him,

judymen said...

Ah, Susie. What a gift. Thank you for sharing with me. Did you write that poem? I loved it. And the picture!! Painting? I have continued with all the lessons you taught me. The prayer before arising has stuck like glue and the 3 OT and 1 NT quiet time readings also. I'll be doing the Beth Moore study on Daniel in January. Is this the KARLA that I knew in Monroe? Hello! I remember so much about you. Blessings, everyone on this new day of hope and change for our country. Judy Menefee

judymen said...
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